All-natural, customizable hair and skin oils designed for you.

Made with love, oils, and pure, naturally sourced ingredients from the queen, Mother Earth.

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Created by a science teacher to meet your specific hair needs.

love is in the hair

A nautral way to strengthen, moisturize, and refresh your hair.

Our oils are made of all natural ingredients. Each oil is pure and unrefined, cold pressed directly from the plant. Oils can be used as a hot oil treatment for your hair, to hydrate skin, or as an everyday oil. The oils will strengthen your hair and encourage hair growth.

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What our people are saying

"Charity is very intentional with her products and clients. She took the time to make me a customized product that would address a localized fungal infection on my scalp. I would usually apply her product before going to sleep" -Jilian P. (28, Female, Black)

"I used my custom oil as a hot oil treatment. The oil smelled really good for starters and it made my hair feel soft and manageable after washing my hair. I would definitely recommend trying this oil brand." -Michelle B (32, Female, Black)

"How this product helped - The moisture retaining oil helped my from being brittle and breaking. Before using the oil I would have hair break off any time I touched my head. Now that I'm using the oils regularly, I'm noticing a difference in the shine and durability of my hair. It has really been a great addition to my hair care products." -Paul C. (26, Male, Biracial)

"Hair + Skin Oil Bar changed my entire hair routine and hair health! Charity was so helpful in assessing my specific hair needs, explaining her process, and educating me on the properties of each oil. My hair has FLOURISHED since discovering her oils and I’m eternally grateful! I’ve experienced length and moisture retention, and improved elasticity and scalp health. I highly recommend Hair + Skin Oil Bar products!" -Marissa P. (27, Female, Black)

"Short: white, black, asian, and west indian Long: german, english, black, asian, west indian This product helped me tremendously for my dry scalp. After one use I saw a huge difference in my scalp's appearance and feel. This was my first time trying on oils for my scalp and the owner Charity was extremely thoughtful and helpful- she showed me how to apply it properly and explained the properties of the oils she was putting in my order to help my scalp. I enjoyed the customization the Hair and Skin Oil bar offered me as well-the product was custom for me and what I needed. Highly recommend." -Danielle S. (22, Female, Multiracial)

"The hair oil from Hair and Skin Oil Bar has made a huge difference in my daughter’s 3C/4A hair! We use it in our LOC method when her hair is down and as extra moisturizer/refresher when her hair is in braids. It has been a game changer!" -Lindsey C. (35, Female, White)

"These girls have LOVED their own mini-bottle of hair oil and it gets them excited about getting their hair braided up! Their hair can be dried out from being outside in the elements playing, but the oils really hydrate and moisturize well. And it helps keep “fly-aways” in place. Everly 4 Female Biracial- African American & Caucasian Alethia 5 Female Biracial- African American & Caucasian" -Mallie P. (32, Female, White)

“ I have loved using the oils that Charity made for me! They have been amazing! They were custom made for my hair specifically to help reduce frizz, protect from the heat of a straightener, and increase shine. I’m so thankful to have this product!” -Margaret (31, White, Female)

"Type 4c hair. Was customized to address dry scalp issues while still being natural, haven’t seen that on the market! Easy to apply and not runny or too strong of sent. Noticeably added shine." -Josephine R. (28, Female, Black)

"For as long as I have been able to grow a beard I have kept a beard which I love, but it has always come with dry and flaky skin. It was uncomfortable and embarrassing sometimes at how much dead skin was in my beard. Ever since I began using hair+skin oil’s beard oil once a day in the morning as I shower my skin is no longer irritable or dry, my skin does not feel tight, and I do not have dead skin falling out of my beard! I will be using this product for a very long time! :)" -Nick S. (25, Male, White)

"The Hair + Skin oils are truly a blessing! These products have really been helpful in keeping my body conditioned and vibrant! The option to create custom orders has been so convenient. Can’t get enough!" -Toney N. (23, Male, Black)

“It’s been so amazing during the chillier winter months for my dry skin, plus it smells wonderful!” -Sarah (26, Female, White)

"This product is wonderful! It make my hair soft, shiny and supple. It penetrates into my hair shaft without weighing it down. It also has a pleasant light scent." -Antoinette H. (54, Female, Black)

"Your oils are amazing! The Coconut oil Keeps my hair so healthy and shine. The Grape Seed Oil made my dry skin look better immediately, and over time.What I do love about this versatile oils is that you can literally use it anywhere your hair, scalp, and body." -Ana M. (28, Female, Brazilian)

Jilian P.
Michelle B.
Paul C.
Marissa P.
Danielle S.
Lindsey C.
Mallie P.
Margaret K.
Josephine R.
Nick S.
Toney N.
Sarah A.
Antoinette H.
Ana M.
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